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Technology, printing and publishing services for an evolving world

What Do You Publish?


Print and Publishing Services Taken to New Levels

In the publishing world, change is a constant, with new technologies emerging every day. Sheridan’s print, technology, and publishing services help you succeed in this challenging environment by keeping your audiences informed, engaged -- and loyal.

We do more than just print your journals, books, magazines, and catalogs. Sheridan’s continuum of publishing services has grown, developed, and evolved in response to how information is being digested – be it in print, online, virtually or whatever comes next. From unrivaled content preparation services to mobile platforms to eCommerce solutions and an ever growing range of smart publisher tools and production workflows, Sheridan is immersed in making the world of publishing easier for you to navigate.

While the industry evolves and customer requirements shift, at Sheridan, one thing will never change. That’s our commitment to providing the best in customer service. Since day one, we’ve never faltered in our commitment to customer service. And we never will. Our culture of responsiveness defines everything we do and everything we are.

Whether you choose Sheridan for one of our services or for all, you can count on us for the quality and support you need. Please contact us today to learn more about how we can provide publishing services to help you reach both your audiences and your business goals.

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