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About Us

About The Sheridan Group

A Heritage of Printing Excellence in Publisher Services

At Sheridan, we have deep roots in the journal, book, magazine and catalog markets we serve, and our seasoned experts are not only knowledgeable about the conventions of these industries, but also their exciting new frontiers. Headquartered in Hunt Valley, Maryland, we’re organized as four companies to provide publisher services to each our key markets: 

  • Sheridan PA – Proficient in all services related to producing and distributing short-run print and electronic journals. Based in Hanover, PA.
  • Sheridan MI – Focused on meeting all of your print and electronic book publishing needs. Based in Chelsea, MI.
  • Sheridan NH – Quality printing for short-run magazines and catalogs, and long-run journals. Based in Hanover, NH.
  • Sheridan Journal Services – Experienced provider of copyediting, composition, and online journal production services. Based in Waterbury, VT.

Our company’s history dates back more than 100 years, to the magazine publisher of Everybodys Press, based in Hanover, Pennsylvania. But although we’ve been in business for generations, there’s nothing old-fashioned about our operations or capabilities.

If you’re like many publishers, you need not only traditional printing services, but also the latest innovations in electronic media to meet reader expectations, reach new audiences and create revenue streams. Fortunately, you can turn to Sheridan for every type of publishing option. Whether you need an all-print solution, all-digital content delivery, or something in between, you can rely on Sheridan for smart advice, friendly service and expert execution.

Each of our locations is highly focused on delivering top quality printing and/or publishing services to our customers.  Across these locations we share many important synergies and resources, including best practices, financial resources and purchasing power, management and technology development.

Sheridan Books is our gold standard for communication and follow-through. We can always rely on them for this.
Karen Kerr
Manager of Production
Cornell University Press

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