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Distributed Print

Global Printing Right Around the Corner

The world is getting smaller every day. Your customers may be down the street or on the other side of the globe. But when your readers are halfway around the world, getting your printed books into their hands quickly isn’t easy. That’s when you want to consider Distributed Print. And that means calling Sheridan.

International Alliance, United Goal

To meet the global production requirements of our customers for delivery times, cost reductions and smaller carbon footprints, Sheridan has forged relationships with partners positioned strategically around the world. We may be worlds apart geographically, but we all share a commitment to quality, integrity, efficiency, and service. Our partners are members of either IPN Global or the Content Delivery Alliance, of which Sheridan is a founding member. Our coverage areas and some key partners include:

  • Sheridan – North and South America
  • Clays LTD and Hobbs, The Printer – Europe
  • OPUS and Markono Print Media – Asia Pacific

Digital or offset, one copy or many, when your book distribution stretches beyond your doorstep, you have a trusted partner who will get it done right. And get it in your customers’ hands fast.

The key to our distributed print offering is an automated, print on demand system with unprecedented efficiency. Powered by Sheridan Select™, we can provide central product management and intelligent workflows to support your global distribution.

Print and Distribute with Ease

  • You submit a single set of files via a single order.
  • We distribute the files to the appropriate partner location(s) around the world for production and then ship the materials to your designated destinations.
  • You receive a single invoice.

A Win on Every Level

When publishers employ a distributed print strategy they can achieve the following, saving:

  • Cost: When regional printers handle a job, the distribution costs shrink dramatically.
  • Time: You literally save weeks when the need for overseas shipping is eliminated.
  • Warehousing: Warehouse space can be reduced or even eliminated with a global distributed print solution.
  • Customs: Delays due to customs issues are reduced or avoided altogether.
  • Environment: By printing only what’s needed, eliminating transportation routes, and shortening delivery distances, your company can have a smaller footprint in the world around us. 

Talk to us today to learn more about how distributed print with Sheridan can help you reach overseas customers more efficiently than ever.


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