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Create Author Proofs Faster WITH eGalley!

Sheridan's exclusive eGalley™ is an automated page layout system that integrates seamlessly with our EditExpress™ workflow to create author proofs within 24 hours of copyediting being completed.

eGalley™ leverages the latest publishing technologies, including web submission, Unicode support, and an XML-based workflow for streamlined and structured input into Adobe InDesign. The eGalley™ workflow supports a wide range of STM journal layout requirements:

  • Automated and dynamic figure placement
  • Display and inline equations
  • Automated table formatting and placement
  • Special character integrity using Unicode and ISO entities
  • Automated insertion of author queries

Output Options

On the back end of the process, the XML-based workflow allows for simplified preparation and submission of files for online journal hosting, including generation of SGML or XML to a variety of DTDs, including the NLM DTD.


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