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BackIssue Express™

Ongoing requests for back issues can keep your staff hopping, and managing adequate inventory can be a storage and production challenge.

Enter BackIssue Express™, Sheridan’s automated back issue fulfillment solution.

BackIssue Express is an online web interface that integrates requests for back-issues with Sheridan’s over-copy warehouse as well as Sheridan Select’s Print-on-Demand (POD) production process.

Seamless Integration

Back Issue orders come in from the publisher’s core business system. If physical back-issue inventory is on hand in our staffed 55,000-square foot on-site warehouse, the order is fulfilled and shipped through Sheridan’s warehouse. If physical inventory is depleted, the order can be channeled to Sheridan’s POD production facility, where it will be produced and shipped.

Enjoy many benefits from this sophisticated automated solution

  • An ongoing view into your physical over-copy inventory
  • The ability to set physical inventory thresholds
  • Order support – data-driven or web-based
  • A web interface to inventory levels, real-time order production, order tracking, and fulfillment
  • Integration with Sheridan POD when inventory is depleted
  • Detailed monthly statements on transactions fulfillment, inventory, and order history on all titles and customers

Furthermore, Sheridan BackIssue Express offers standard 3-day turnaround for back issue fulfillment from existing inventory and 5-day turnaround for back issue fulfillment through POD.

A Closer Look at Your Print Runs

An added benefit of utilizing Sheridan BackIssue Express is the ability to evaluate your volume and type of back issue requests first-hand. With this data, together we can assess whether your over-runs should be adjusted, or if zero-inventory is best for you, resulting in the most efficient initial printing possible.

Let Sheridan BackIssue Express simplify things!


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