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Digital Editions

Experience the HTML5 Difference: Feature-Rich, Platform-Friendly

Digital Editions are the cornerstone of interactive online content; the conventional way to convert print publication PDFs into digital counterparts. Sheridan’s Digital Editions take convention a step further with feature-rich HTML5 viewing that allows for a superior reader experience regardless of viewing on a desktop or any mobile device.

Forget Page Flippers.

The days of the page flipper are over. Today’s digital editions are increasingly robust, and to merely mimic your print publication with your digital version is to miss the boat. Savvy publishers know how to make the digital edition very appealing to readers and advertisers alike. Simply put, robust, interactive digital editions are an ever-growing revenue generator; a critical component of your successful business model.

Today’s digital editions go well beyond the realm of an online counterpart. They are living files that can and should carry additional content not found in the print version, late-breaking information, industry announcements, and most of all, meaningful interactivity with the reader. Don’t miss the chance to create a forum for discussion among your member community within the digital edition… poll your readers, issue event invitations, and even create eCommerce opportunities.

And don’t forget, all your social channels – whether Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, etc. – are a simple click away in your digital edition. Reader engagement is the entire point of the digital edition.

HTML5 Has It All.

In terms of features and flexibility, Sheridan’s Digital Editions cover every base. Below are just a few to note.

  • mobile device compatible - website view
  • Navigation – content, thumbnails, page “scrubber”
  • Launchpad – allows for website link, page view, contents view, advertisers list
  • HTML linking
  • Subscription Management Services
  • Keyword search and SEO
  • Sticky notes
  • Additional Information Roll-Overs
  • Embedded Video, Audio, and HTML5 Animation
  • Streaming Audio, Video, and RSS
  • Interstitial, Tall, Small, and Presentation Pages
  • Access restriction and permission capabilities
  • Email Notification Services

And Sheridan Digital Editions provide detailed analytics that let publishers see how effective the digital content is. Advertisers and sponsors in particular appreciate getting detailed analytics on their ads and campaigns to make better decisions about where their content should be.

Sheridan is your resource for print, digital, and mobile platforms. Contact your Sheridan sales representative today to set up a demo and learn more about what our Digital Editions can do for you!

See an example of Sheridan’s Digital Edition in action: click this link.

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