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Production Workflows

Sheridan Select™ is Big. Our Central Product Management System is Evolutionary!

Imagine a single point of entry to order and manage all your journal and book needs. One copy, or thousands. Perfect bound, saddle-stitched, or case-bound. A variety of print options at your fingertips. A smart system that knows your systems and business rules to channel orders to appropriate locations. Unheard of ease in order placement, production, distribution, tracking and reporting. It’s Sheridan Select™.

Sheridan developed this exclusive workflow in-house to fit the needs of all publishers, yielding not only significant cost and time savings, but a simplicity and transparency heretofore not achievable. Its universal automation platform processes incoming orders directly from your business systems and reduces or eliminates manual touchpoints. Sheridan Select can recognize orders from multiple publisher locations, and will centralize and consolidate tasks.

Here are a few familiar challenges that Sheridan Select answers beautifully:

  • First Printings of Journals and Books
  • Global Distributed Print
  • Back Issue Management
  • Licensed Print Management
  • Zero Inventory POD
  • eCommerce POD
  • Print for Online-Only Titles

Sheridan Select is a true integrated system – with a future. As the complexity of print and electronic product management increases, be assured that Sheridan Select will continue to refine and expand its ability to serve all print production needs.


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