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M3 Mobile ePrints

Revolutionizing ePrints: Seamless Access, Secure Delivery.

Sheridan M3 Mobile is not your basic ePrint. In fact, this revolutionary upgrade supersedes all our previous ePrint offerings. The powerful system provides a more user friendly, mobile ready, social sharing environment. And, unlike other typical .exe formatted ePrints, M3 Mobile is not hampered by firewalls, won’t be caught in anti-virus software, or violate end user privacy.

Control & Flexibility

The proprietary Sheridan M3 Monitoring System delivers and monitors articles for viewing on desktop, tablet, and mobile devices. The powerful system handles:

  • Publisher branded delivery emails
  • Desktop, tablet, and mobile device access
  • Time & usage monitoring
  • Renewal & expiration email notifications
  • Publisher reporting portal
  • Renewal options

Advanced Reporting - Valuable Detail

Sheridan's M3 Mobile iPrint reporting goes well beyond tallying the total number of views.  Usage data can now be drilled down to identify time stamps, user IP address, ePrint ID, viewing devices, browsers, countries, and rerferrer information - all accessible through a dedicated publisher dashboard.  This secure portal lets publishers run and export all reports including a listing of ePrints about to expire.  Publishers can send reports directly to their clients.  Not only does Sheridan's advanced reporting feature allow publishers to better understand how their content is being consumed, but it also saves a tremendous amount of effort and time for staff.


Choose one of two formats for an optimal end user experience based on your needs:

 M3 Mobile PRO  M3 Mobile NAV
  • Responsive Design
  • Retains the format of the printed page
  • Web and email hot links
  • Scholarly article quick links
  • Print, share, and bookmark features
  • PDF and offline publication download
  • Audio/Video active viewer embedding
  • Custom formatted for small devices
  • Simple text view with navigation
  • Web, email and reference links
  • Print, email and PDF download options
  • Audio/Video active viewer embedding



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